What is Our DNA? (Who we are)


Our Vision.... What is God calling us to do?

 Jesus said: I will build my church.... Matthew 16:18 

  He is the Architect, it's His idea, He protects it, He alone is its Head

we are simply part of extending the kingdom family of becoming disciple makers and a Lighthouse to the community.


Our Values.... What Essentials guide us?

 Teaching..... we value the Word of God as our authority

Fellowship..... we value the unity we have in God's family

Worship..... we value an inclination of the heart to glorify God

Prayer..... we value spending intimate time with God 

This is ground zero in the church Acts 2:42. You can have more than these four, but you cannot have less and still be a church


Our Distinctives.... What Characteristics set us apart?

A place to belong..... to connect as family and feel at home

A place to grow..... to explore my spiritual journey and be encouraged

A place to serve..... to find an identity, express my passion and purpose

 A connecting Church: Connecting with God, with Others in Community


Our Purpose.... What is Our Ultimate Mission?

To love God..... to glorify God and enjoy Him forever 

To Love One Another.....to build each other up in love

To Love The Community..... to share the "good news" message

                        Jesus answer to the question Matthew 22:36

                             which is the greatest commandment...